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How do I access student learning resources for a text I have purchased?

LexisNexis textbooks which have student learning resources will be indicated at the back of the textbook with the LexisLearning icon. To access these, click on ‘Register’ on the LexisLearning login page and enter in the ISBN number of the textbook as well as your email address. Follow on screen instructions.

I am a student and would like to register for the LexisNexis Effective Research Skills webinar sessions. What do I need to do?

You need to create your account on Lexis® Learning using a registration code (provided to you by your lecturer / librarian). Once you have created your account then you will automatically be enrolled into the Effective Research Skills course. Once you are enrolled in the course then you will be able to register for the Effective Research Skills webinars.

Here are the steps:
  1. Click on the 'Register' button on the Lexis®Learning login page
  2. Enter your email address and the registration code when prompted to do so
  3. Confirm your account
  4. Log into Lexis® Learning (you will automatically be enrolled in the Effective Research Skills course)
  5. Click on the Effective Research Skills course on your dashboard and then access the relevant jurisdiction tile to see the available webinars for your year level
  6. Register for the webinars you wish to attend by clicking on the relevant links

I already have a LexisLearning account and would like to access student learning resources for additional textbooks I have purchased, how do I do that?

Login to LexisLearning and click on the link on the right-hand side ‘Enter your registration ID or ISBN for access to new course or text’.  Enter in your ISBN and you will be provided access via your dashboard.

I am a lecturer and would like access to learning resources for a textbook I am prescribing, how can I get access?

Contact your relationship manager who will provide you login details to access learning resources for any LexisNexis textbooks you are prescribing.

I have been given an ID key, how do I use this to get access to a course?

On the LexisLearning login page, click ‘Register’ and enter in the ISBN number of the textbook as well as your email address.  Follow on screen instructions.

I have forgotten my username or password, how can I reset these?

On the LexisLearning login page, click the ‘Remind’ button and follow on screen instructions.  Please remember to check your Junk mailbox for any reset emails from LexisLearning.

I have a query or technical support issue, who can I contact?

Contact the LexisLearning team using the ‘Contact us’ link in the top left of the LexisLearning login page. Alternatively you can email: lexislearning@lexisnexis.com.au

How do I access or enrol for the Affinity courses?

If you would like access to the Affinity courses then please submit your details via this form: https://info.lexisnexis.com.au/AffinityLexisLearning